Valuable Gifts That Start With The Letter V

Gifts That Start With The Letter V

Just received an invitation to a letter-themed party? For those who didn’t know, it’s basically a white elephant party where participants have to come up with a gift whose name begins with the chosen letter.

As cool as it sounds, choosing an appropriate gift that starts with the letter V is easier said than done. You have to take into consideration many aspects. The gift has to fit the budget, it must be practical and useful, etc.

We’re here to help. Below is our list of 25 ideas for a gift that begins with the letter V for you to freely choose from.

Who are these gifts for: (These gifts are perfect for)

  • Someone who is obsessed with the letter V.
  • someone whose name begins with the letter V.
  • Someone who is searching for the letter V themed gifts.

25 Gift Ideas That Start With The Letter V

1. Virtual Reality Headset

VR headsets aren’t all the rage anymore, but if your partner loves gaming, visual effects or just interested in new technologies, this could still make a great gift. Meta Quest 2 + 2-game combo fits the requirements of a gift pack. You get the headset, and 2 games to play right out of the box.

2. Video Game Console

If you’re wondering what are the best options for a gift for someone that doesn’t have a console, then it’s the game console itself. But they’re generally pricey, like $500, so if you’re on a tight budget, this gift won’t work. Otherwise, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch are all available on Amazon.

3. Vase

Fresh flowers are a great way to add a touch of style into your home decor. And to complement the bloom, you’re going to need a nice vase. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of different sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, but for a gift, you might want a minimal, elegant design that fits different spaces. Sullivans Small White Ceramic Vase, Sullivans Tall Decorative Farmhouse are two of the most beautiful 3-set ceramic vases we’ve found. However, if you prefer a single vase, DECORPIA is the generic, minimalistic one.

4. Voice Recorder

Nowadays, most of us have smartphones which are equipped with recording capabilities. But having a dedicated recorder may become handy at times. For example, students can use it to record hours of lectures, busy individuals can replace a regular notebook with a recorder to memorize things. Grandfathers and grandmothers may even use the device to record their thoughts, stories, and points of interest so that they could give to the children when the time comes.

5. Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirror is a fancy word for “Lighted Makeup Mirror”, but hey, it starts with a V letter. A good vanity mirror will be able to make your morning makeup a breeze, helping you apply the perfect winged eyeliner right on the first try. There’s no shortage of options but generally you should look for one that: have at least 3x magnification, fits the sink/vanity and can mimic multiple temperatures (daylight, warm, cool). For a gift, you might choose Fancii LED / Trifold Mirror with Lights if you’re on a tight budget, otherwise Glamcor Riki is 10/10.

6. Velvet Throw Blanket

A throw blanket is a must-have item for the cold winter months. If you have a friend who likes soft and fluffy things, they might appreciate a soft, velvety throw blanket. They’re generally very affordable, but don’t feel cheap, like this one The Connecticut Home. But in exchange, you’re limited in styles and colors.

7. Venus Fly Trap

If you have seen a Venus Fly Trap in South America, this can be a real fun gift that starts with a V letter. While it may not be as massive as those in the wild, the plant does catch small enough flies, and it would be fun watching it do that.

8. Vacuum Cleaner

If you have that friend who is always busy busting dust, picking up pet hair and keeping floors and carpets clean, chances are, a cleaning piece of gadget would make a great gift. The Roidmi R10 is an award-winning cordless vacuum that is both affordable and high-performance. In fact, it’s the best in the sub-$300 range, which is perfect for a gift.

9. Volcano Kit from NatGeo

This is the gift that starts with V for the curious kid in your life. NatGeo’s Ultimate Volcano Kit is a DIY volcano maker. The package includes molds, plasters, and paints and lets you build a real volcano in a few hours. The price is pretty reasonable for a toy (sub-$20). The volcano mold is reusable, and the eruption powder is citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, so if you run out of the “lava” included, you can always substitute lemon juice and baking soda to achieve similar-looking results.

10. Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is a perfect housewarming gift that starts with V to give to your buddy. It’s simply a camera with built-in advanced features such as motion detection, privacy zones, audio privacy, night vision and wireless connection. It may sound simple, but finding a doorbell camera that gets all of those features right is easier said than done. Let’s show how you care about their safety by getting a Ring Video Doorbell.

11. Vintage Camera

If your buddy is getting into film photography, the best gift in this case is a vintage film camera. For some of us, those memorable moments are best captured and enjoyed through a vintage camera context. There’s no shortage of options on the market, but for a gift, and for a film photography beginner, Kodak Ektar H35 is an all-around choice. It’s cheap, works on AAA batteries and has a true vintage look.

12. Valet Tray

Valet/catchall tray is a nice way to neatly store all the daily items of your buddy in one place. This includes things like cell phones, change, wallet, keys, watches, USB flash drives, etc.. If your partner is someone who regularly forgets where she left her wallet, or where her keys are, then this is the best gift that starts with V you can give. It’s thoughtful, practical and she will most likely use it everyday.

13. Vinyl Record Player

It’s no surprise that audiophiles and true music fans consider nothing better than the rich sounds coming from a record player. They also praise the feeling of picking up favourite records, pulling it out of its sleeve and letting it play. It’s truly a completely different experience that only certain people can enjoy. But if your buddy is in that twenty and thirty somethings, chances are, they are now able to listen and feel the sound of the vinyl.

14. Mini-Sized Voice Amplifier

If your buddy is a teacher who doesn’t like having to raise her voice in order to get the students’ attention, a mini voice amplifier like ZOWEETEK works wonders as a gift. The device simply allows her to talk at a conversational level and the speaker does the projection to make it louder. Mini voice amplifiers can also make a practical gift for people with difficulties while speaking and can only mumble/speak indistinctly.

15. Vacuum Food Sealer

Choosing a gift for the chef in your life who spends a great amount of time in the kitchen might be challenging. On one hand, she might already have everything she needs. On the other’s hand, you may have no knowledge on the subject. Fear not, here’s a suggestion for a gift that starts with a V letter and is useful to virtually any kitchen in the world: Geryon Vacuum Food Sealer.

16. Vaseline Gift Set

This Vaseline gift set is a great V gift for someone you don’t know well. Everyone needs moisturizer, especially in the winter when dry skin causes chapping, right?

17. Vegetable Cookbook

Help your friend stay healthy with this vegetable cookbook! Whether they’re vegetarian or not, we can all learn some more fun ways to eat vegetables that aren’t the usual everyday vegetables.

18. Velvet Choker

Keep your friend up with the latest fashion trends and get them this velvet choker. If they don’t like it, they can just keep it safe and use it for their Halloween costume later in the year!

19. Vintage Style Dress

A classic style dress is a safe choice for you if you don’t know what your friend likes because wearing it your friend will look very charming and graceful.

20. Vodka Infusion Kit

Do you need to choose a letter V gift for someone who loves a cocktail? This vodka infusion gift will give them hours of fun. First they’ll get to create a flavour, then have fun making it and finally it’ll be time to drink up!

21. Vega 360 Telescope

This 67x magnification all-glass optical refracting telescope is perfect for backyard exploration and exploration on the go. It’s perfect for playing outdoors and studying at home. Take your kids out to explore the world and stay curious!

22. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Double hammock is tightly woven with premium cotton yarn so the fabric is heavy and durable. The hammock holder is made of bearing steel and assembles in minutes without any tools. This hammock will help you relax after tiring working hours.

23. Volcanic Mud Bath Milk

This Volcanic mud has been used for centuries as a natural beauty remedy. It’s incredibly effective at removing dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin. Not only will this gift that start with V remove all the built-up gunk in pores, but it will also help bring back the wonderful juvenile skin.

24. Volcano Mask

Sometimes we need to think about ourselves a bit, and it’s important to treat our faces properly anyway. That said, this Volcano Mask will do wonders for your pores. Eliminate possible skin problems before they become problems. This gift will be great for you and your best friend to use to be beautiful together.

25. “V” Letter Books

There are a ton of amazing books that begin with or contain the letter V. You can read some like V for Vendetta, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Velveteen Rabbit, Vox, and much more. Check them all out! Each would be a perfect gift.

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