Nifty Gifts That Start With The Letter N

Gifts That Start With The Letter N

Let’s be honest, choosing a thoughtful gift is hard. It’s even harder when you add up certain criterias to the task, such as the gift name has to begin with a specific letter. A charcter in the alphabet may hold special meaning to the person who receives the gift, or it can simply be the initial letter in their name. In both cases, we got you covered.

We’ve crafted a list below of 29 gift ideas that begins with a N letter. Whether it’s Nostalgic, Naive or Naughty – We have a suitable ideas. We hope that with a little planning and consideration, you can choose an amazing gift from this list that the recipient will treasure for years to come.

Who are these gifts for: (These gifts are perfect for)

  • Someone who is obsessed with the letter N.
  • someone whose name begins with the letter N.
  • Someone who is searching for the letter N themed gifts.

29 Gift Ideas That Start With The Letter N

1. Ninja BL610 Blender

Giving out a blender might not be the best gift out there, but it will fit perfectly if your partner does all the cooking in the house by herself. There is nothing to complain about, other than the multi-level blades inside the blender might get a bit hard to fully clean out. The blending speed is also not the fastest when compared with others, but in exchange, you’ll get a quiet blender.

2. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Makers

N can stand for Nespresso, a hugely popular coffee maker brand that is known by every single craft coffee fanatic. The Nespresso Vertuo Pop is a tiny pod machine that brews larger drinks using Nespresso’s new centrifusion technology. For those coffee snobs, a Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker is simply perfect. We recommend Nespresso Vertuo by De’Longhi if your partner has never owned any coffee maker before.

3. Neck Massager with Heat

Neck massager is a gift that starts with a N letter which can be given out to many different types of people. New parents can benefit greatly from the device, which eases their soreness from “sleeping” in the hospital and looking down at the baby. Oftentimes, heavy office workers can suffer from lots of neck/shoulder tension, hence can make use of a neck massager. We haven’t used a lot of neck massagers, but it seems Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is a good product with positive reviews.

4. Nintendo Switch Console

Portable, high-quality controllers, affordable, the Nintendo Switch is said to be the most popular Nintendo game console to date. For those who didn’t know, Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming system, which means you can plug it into a TV and play, or alternatively, remove it from the dock and take it anywhere on the touch screen. Isn’t it nice for a family gathering or colleagues party?

5. Night Vision Goggles for Kids

There are literally dozens of toy ideas for a child, but in order to keep them busy after the sun goes down, a pair of night vision goggles is the best. The night vision goggles will certainly be the most important part of their “spy” costume kit, which makes them look super cool playing around. The “night vision” here is basically a bright headlight, but we think it’s OK, because kids below 10 don’t really need expensive night vision goggles.

6. New York Times Bestseller Book Set

If you decided a book would make a good gift, but don’t know where to start, the New York Times Best Sellers List might be a good head start. It’s just like the top 100 chart for songs, though it’s a little different. It’s a constantly updated list that books can move on and off quickly, meaning a lot of different books can make it on, which in turn means you have a lot of options to choose from.

7. Natural Essential Oil Candles

Essential oil candles make for a great gift, as they are one of the classic ways to relieve stress. Candle gift sets can also be “lazy” gifts, which are both gender-neutral and great for any occasion. Pro tip: choose a non-MLM essential oil brand, as they tend to be so much more expensive, and the quality often does not live up to the price tag. A few names we can recommend are Eden’s Garden, Pompeii Organics, Plant Therapy and Stillpoint Aromatics.

8. Neck Pillow

Another gift idea that begins with a N letter for the neck. This pillow simply reduces neck and back pain by providing an optimized design that supports all parts of your head. Please do note that this isn’t a travel pillow but aimed towards everyday sleeping. It’s also pricier than the average travel pillow (which costs around $15), but at the same time be the best seller in the category and generally received positive reviews.

9. No Show Socks

A pair of socks as a gift essentially means giving out comfort, both literally and figuratively. A good no-show socks should stay where it’s supposed to be, not peeking out or losing shape after a few wear, and most of all, doesn’t slip off. That sounds simple, but in reality, it’s hard to find one that matches all that criteria. We recommend Under Armour for male recipients, and IDEGG for the women in your life.

10. Night Light Projector for Kids

The name of the gift is self-explanatory. It simply creates a beautiful starry sky in your child’s bedroom. This is a simple and affordable way to keep a child feeling safer and sleep better at night.

11. Nursing Pillow for Breastfeeding

We can all agree that feeding the baby is one of the few tasks that causes the most strain across the body. A nursing pillow can provide the necessary support and help position your newborn at the breast optimally. If you’re looking for a gift for a new mom, a nursing pillow makes a great addition to a baby registry.

12. Nutrafol Women’s Balance

Nutrafol Women’s Balance is a clinically proven supplement that helps people have visibly thicker hair and scalp through menopause. The supplement is awarded as the best anti-aging hair supplement of 2021 by Harper’s Bazaar.

13. No-Touch Infrared Thermometer

You can never have too many thermometers, especially if you’re a mom or dad. The thermemeter does what it’s intended to, with great accuracy. It may seem like a strange idea for a gift, but it makes a practical and useful present if you’re shopping for new parents or someone in the family who often gets sick while you’re not at home.

14. North Face Backpack

Not sure about you, but I personally have a North Face backpack still rocking it after 9 years. So, if you think your partner needs a backpack for his adventures, North Face works wonders. Besides making backpacks for trips to the wilderness, the brand also has many beautiful designs aimed towards college students or everyday life worth checking out.

15. Natural Wooden Cutting Board

Dofira Acacia is a wooden cutting board with deer antler, which is suitable both as a home accent and a pizza serving board. Originally, Acacia wood is dense and hard, which becomes a good material for a cutting board. This board is made of glued straight-edge acacia pieces, polished smooth, and well finished with natural colour. The wood is beautiful and nice and solid, and will last for years with proper care (don’t soak, oil it on occasion, etc).

16. National Geographic Subscription

If you have noticed your partner keeps reading encyclopedias, or at least regularly reads something enthusiastically, then he may very likely be a curious individual who is always on the run to broaden their knowledge and perspectives. In this case, a National Geographic Subscription works wonders as a gift. It costs only $30 a year for unlimited content and may become his way to spend some free time in the future.

17. Nail Polish Kit

You can save your partner a few trips to the nail salon by gifting her an at-home nail polish kit. This will allow her to DIY her own mani in the comfort of her own home. The RC Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit is a great one, which is a complete kit with full suite of accessories and has clear ingredient label that follows FDA’s Cosmetic Labeling Requirements.

18. NYX Makeup Palette Set

This is one of the few makeup accessories you can give to someone as a gift. Mac, Urban decay, Clinique, Revlon, Maybelline are reputable brands that sell makeup palette sets and you cannot go wrong with them. But let me introduce an inexpensive (not cheap) shadow palette set from NYX, which received quite a lot of positive comments from both the buyers . Bonus: the product is also Cruelty Free Cosmetics cerfitied and acknowledged by PETA .

19. Nose & Ear Hair Trimmers

Normally, our nose and ear hair work as an air filter. But those of us who are hairy know that if we don’t cut them at the right time, they will instead become an obstacle to breathe and hear. This gift should be gifted to a family member, your partner or someone who you really care about. Don’t give out a nasal hair trimmer to a friend or colleague or you will get the “UFO” look by the time they open it.

20. Nesting Dolls (Matryoshka Doll)

Nesting dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls, are a popular toy originating from Russia. They are usually made of wood and consist of a set of dolls of diminishing sizes placed one inside the other. The largest doll is considered the matriarch of the family, while the smallest is called the ‘seed’ and represents the soul. For the traditional looking, Russian-style Matryoshka, Starxing Russian Nesting Dolls would be good. However, we recommend Bits and Pieces 5-doll set as they’re better painted and look a bit more modern.

21. Nightgowns

Falling asleep in an oversized T-shirt or hoodies is one thing, but there’s something more about wearing nightgowns to bed. Most people think that nightgowns are fussy and were created for the elderly only, but in reality, young women can wear them as fashionably as one would expect. Take a look at Eileen West Cotton Dobby Stripe Sleeveless Nightgown, LAKE Pima Shift Nightgown or Leikar Button Down Pajamas to see what I meant. Notice: the sleepwear is an intinate gift and should be given to your romantic partner only.

22. Nerds Rope Candy

If your definition of a gift can be as simple as a candy pack, then Nerds Rope is a perfect gift that starts with N for the children. Nerds are basically colorful, sugary, candy rope with a soft tasty center inside, which would definitely be a hit with everyone young or old. Treat your kids with a pack of Nerds Rope and they will make sure to visit your house to taste it again any time they can.

23. Notebooks

Notebooks are classic gifts and never go out of style with time. There are hundreds of brands to choose from: Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, Lemome, Midori, Dingbats, Scribbles That Matter, Paperage, Archer and Olive, Baron Fig are just a few reputable names you can trust. They all have good quality paper, beautiful and unique design and can survive through years of use.

24. National Geographic Complete National Parks of the United States

Exploring the US may be a good way for someone to spend a reading, and for that, we recommend National Geographic Complete National Parks of the United States, 3rd Edition. The book breaks United States’ territory down by region, then highlights every National Park, Preserve, Monument, Battlefield, Seashore and Memorial. Each entry contains history, address, and detailed contact information. In 500+ pages, the book provides aspiration as well as helpful information to make the best of your next trip. What more could you ask for?

25. Nerf Guns for Kids

Want something to keep the kids busy while you enjoy the occasion? Let the NERF Disruptor Elite Blaster give you a hand. The toy looks cool, has a 6-dart rotating drum and fires pretty long, up to 90 feet. It comes with only 6 darts, so I guess you’ll need more than that (pro tip: 75-Dart Refill Pack is the best deal at the moment of this writing). Also, there are two options when purchasing (with the same price), one comes in a generic brown box, the other comes in a nice packaging. I recommend the latter, as it’s more presentable as a gift. Otherwise, it just looks like someone is giving away a used toy.

26. “N” Letter Jewelry

Jewelry with a “N” is the way to go if you know a Nancy, Nicole, or Natalie. To convince her that you are the only one for her, get a sterling silver initial ring or a pendant necklace.

27. Nike Running Shoes

You noticed that your friend’s running shoes are getting worn down, so this is the perfect opportunity to give them a new pair. Nike’s men’s and women’s tennis shoes come in a variety of colors. All you have to do now is remember shoe size.

28. Neoprene Lunch Bag

This is a useful gift for kids for school or people who bring their lunch to work. The neoprene insulating material helps keep cold food cold and hot food warm longer.

29. “N” Letter Books

Say it five times fast: Nancy and Nate have never seen nine healthy narwhals! You may now buy a book for each person in your life that suits their interests because we have “N” books for both children and adults. Although Nancy Drew is a classic series, you might also have the opportunity to read about Nate the Great, the world’s top investigator.

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