Quality Gifts That Start With The Letter Q

Gifts That Start With The Letter Q

Looking for something special beginning with the letter Q? Read this post to get 25 creative suggestions for picking the best one for your partner.

For someone who is obsessed with eggs, an egg cup makes perfect sense as a gift. If your partner loves Mexican food, a quesadilla maker should be the perfect gift to air her in the kitchen. These are just a few examples of great gifts that start with the letter Q. Read on to find even more gift ideas.

Who are these gifts for: (These gifts are perfect for)

  • Someone who is obsessed with the letter Q.
  • someone whose name begins with the letter Q.
  • Someone who is searching for the letter Q themed gifts.

25 Gift Ideas That Start With The Letter Q

1. Quirky Egg Cup

An egg cup is a small cup-shaped container designed to hold a boiled egg upright while it is being served. It’s more of a decorative item than a practical one, so we think a unique, quirky design should fit for a gift. A few suggestions that received positive reviews are Küchenprofi 2-Egg Porcelain Cup, Peleg Design Egguins 3-in-1 Egg Holder and Knight Egg Cup Holder (spoon included)

2. Quesadilla Maker

Quesadillas are a popular Mexican dish, some may even say it’s the grilled cheese for Americans. In case your BFF or family member is really into this Mexican delight, let’s make the preparation a lot easier and faster with a quesadilla maker as a gift.

3. Question Cards

If you’re looking for things to give a kid, this is it. Brain Quest is a set of 300 questions for kindergarten level education. Inside the package are flashcards with pictures, but it’s not the boring flashcards we adults use to memorize things, they’re neatly designed as a game to keep children interested in educational topics. This style of learning allows for your child to think quickly and recognise different scenarios and possible answers.

4. Quirky Wine Tumbler

If your partner drinks wine, the quirky yet attractive, functional Simple Modern Wine Tumbler and Bottle will make an excellent gift. With this, the recipient can enjoy his favourite drink while out in nature. Why did we choose this specific product? Just look at the design, isn’t it gorgeous?

5. Quantum Mechanics Book

Quantum mechanics is the scientific field concerned with the study of “quanta”, which basically stands for “the smallest bits of everything”. Things around us are made of those little particles, which you cannot really see by the eyes. If that sounds cool to your partner, then get him this book so that he can dig deeper. The authors did a great job in explaining quantum mechanics in an easy-to-understand manner with lively language and avoided scientific terms. Highly recommended for curious kids.

6. Quick Dry Towel Set

Everyone who combines some kind of excercising into their daily lives knows how hard it is to stay hygienic. For example, I bike to work, and after a quick shower, I’d like myself to be dried as soon as possible, too. Quick dry towels work wonders in this case. If the recipient is also into fitness, OlimpiaFit Quick Dry Towel Pack would be the practical gift that starts with Q you’re looking for.

7. Quiche Maker – Pie Baker

Quiche is a savory, open pastry crust filled with savory custard with one or more of cheese, meat, vegetables or seafood. It’s downright delicious, and can easily be a dumping ground for veggies that are about to go bad in your fridge. If your friend keeps referring to the dish, a mini quiche baker would be the practical addition to her kitchen that starts with Q you can buy.

8. Quick Dry Bathrobe

After your luxurious warm shower, what’s better than slipping a bathrobe on, brushing your teeth, and by the time you’re done you’re virtually dry. If your friend enjoys her bath time rituals, the best thing you can get on her birthday is a nice, quick-dry terry cloth bathrobe. Our suggestions? Simplicity Kimono for the minimalist and Just Love Robe for the trendy ladies in your life.

9. QUOKKA Puzzles for Toddlers

Quokka Puzzles for Toddlers is a set of 3 wooden learning toys made for children up to 2 years old. These are cute animal jigsaws that help kids learn how to match numbers, animals and vehicles and differentiate one color from the other. The thing we like the most from this toy set is the fact that they’re clean wood, not stuffed with sawdust or just glued chipboards like the others.

10. Quirky Key Holder

A key holder rack is one of the few ways to get organized in large families. It can also be a piece of decor that brings a touch of style into your home. It’s the perfect housewarming gift which starts with a Q letter in our opinion.

11. Quartz Watch

If you want your partner to think of you every single day, watches are a meaningful gift that are able to do so. People wear watches on the wrist and are reminded daily of the person who gave them to them. Quartz watches are those that run from the energy of the battery to work. Quartz watches are popular, affordable and perfectly fine for a gift.

12. Quicksand Art

Remember these soothing sand art decor that you flip upside down to make the sand flow into a new design. I felt like I could watch those for hours. Now you can get a piece of decor with that same soothing quicksand design to put on your desk.

13. Quilting Machine

Quilting machines can get very expensive, but we’ve chosen SINGER M1500 to recommend, simply because it does the job well at a competitive price.

14. Q Letter Sterling Silver Necklace

When it comes to alphabet gifts, a piece of jewelry is always the best. We recommend choosing a simple one like this, as it can easily fit in different wardrobes. For your little kid, we recommend the Disney Q Letter Necklace as it’s small and thin enough. For adults, the EUDORA Sterling Silver Initial Necklaces will be a better fit.

15. Quiksilver Men’s Long Sleeve Surf Shirt

Yeah, I know, Quiksilver is not that cool nowadays. But for die-hard surfers, surfwear always has a place in their hearts. Besides that, Quiksilver’s product quality is usually top of the line. For a gift, we recommend choosing the safe bet by getting the generic long-sleeve surf shirt and choose your own preferred color.

16. Quantum Sharpie – Melts Through Playing Card Magic Trick

If you know that your partner is really into cards and illusions, you might want to get him something related to that. Quantum Sharpie is a hypervisual illusion trick developed by Calen Morelli. Basically, the visual effect is a Sharpie can melt through and move around a playing card effortlessly. Sounds cool, right?

17. Quote Calendar

Do you feel like your friend needs some sort of motivation? If this is the case, then a motivation quote calendar will be the daily inspiration to keep him moving on fast. We found that the flip calendars from RYVE are of the highest quality. It can be used year after year without any issues. The calendar is bundled with an insert where you click on the code & it brings you to a Goal Planning Pack including 3 separate pages : Assessment, 12-Week Action Plan and a Weekly Plan which you can print and work off of.

18. Qipao Dress

Qipao, also known as cheongsam, is a type of traditional Chinese dress that features a mandarin collar, side slits, and intricate embroidery. Today, the qipao is considered a symbol of Chinese culture. If your partner is Asian, or looking to learn Chinese, this could be a great gift that starts with a Q letter.

19. Quotes Wall Art

If your partner has a favorite quote that he or she keeps referring to all the time, this occasion might be the best time to get that piece of inspiration onto the wall. Just choose a decoration style you want from numerous designs available on Etsy, and send the seller your desired quotes, that’s it.

20. Quartz Ring

Rings are one of the few things we carry with us everyday. Gifting your friend one may be the way to remind them about you every once and a while. Quartz crystals have long been associated with balance, clarity and energy, which makes it perfect for a gift that begins with a Q letter.

21. Quadcopter – DJI Mavic Mini Portable Drone

Q can stand for Quadcopter. DJI Mavic Mini Portable Drone is a good starter drone that will certainly make tech-savvy people wow’ed (if you have enough budget). Despite its price tag, we do think that the drone may fit as a gift that starts with a Q letter for your husband, BFF or brothers.

22. Q Letter LED Neon

This is another idea of a gift that starts with a Q letter for the personal bedroom. The light is intended to be hang to the wall or stuck using adhesive, serving as an initial letter decor light. We think kids and teens will certainly like the gift, as they tend to have it replaced their sleeping lamp. You can also combine it with other characters for the complete name initials.

23. Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Marble Run Building Set

Q-BA-Maze is a unique system of cubes of different colors that interlock to form a marble run. With those cubes in hand, tinkerers can shape anything from a spired tower to a robot and even a dinosaur. Configurations are unlimited, creating your own design is easy, sparking creativity in children has never been easier.

24. Quarto Board Game

Quarto is a strategy board game for two. In the game, each player tries to be the first one to line up four pieces in a row that share a common attribute, such as color, height, or shape. One round typically takes about 10 minutes. It is a simple game, but requires strategic thinking in the players, as each player has to play with what the opponent has chosen. So, a good game begins with a Q letter for a family gathering.

25. Queendomino Board Game

If you think Quarto is too hard for your little ones, Queendomino is an alternative which is simpler yet still fun to play with. The game is easy to learn and fun to play over and over again with the whole family. Although the game is geared more toward children, it is a quick fun game for adults too. Also, you get to have quality fun time with your kids.

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