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We am thrilled you want to connect with us. We usually reply within 24 to 48 hours. Use the email below to contact us:

  • Address: 1825 Indian School Rd, Garland, TX 75044, United States
  • Email: TrustyGifts.Com@Gmail.Com
  • Phone: (1) 909-313-4499


We am very selective about advertisers, so We don’t work with any brand or company. All sponsored content and partnerships have a cost, and We don’t do it for free.

We disclose if We am working with the brand. We also give my honest opinion about any products We tried, which can’t be bought.

Sponsored Content

Any sponsored post requests need to state what products will be sent to be reviewed, what type of article you expect, and the price you will pay.

Sponsored content is paid with our work and time, which has a price. We don’t accept products in exchange for our time and effort. You need to pay us a fee and send the products for our to review.

Press Inquiries

If you are a journalist, blogger, influencer, or brand representative who needs help with an article, please specify what you need on your email and why you think TrustyGifts am a good fit for it.

Due to the volume of emails We receive every day, We cannot answer every single email, but We do my best to get to as many as possible.

A few more facts before you contact us:

  • We don’t accept guest posts for this website.
  • We don’t insert links from your articles on our blog posts.
  • We don’t receive money for any kind of link insertions. Never.
  • We don’t accept free products in exchange for organic placements of your brand on our website.